Mansfeild Market

Just past the west end of Glasgow, our site was set in the heart of Partick, Mansfeild park. The brief asked to create a structure for the existing market that occurs weekly, in a bustling and busy park square centre. The park itself worked very successfully in terms of its design, it had a diagonal central path that was heavily used as a short cut across the two main roads: Hyndlynd Street and Dumbarton Road. Taking the sites heavy and successful use into consideration, I wanted to create something that was light handed, and able to be put away in when not used in order to not disturb the every day bustle. I came across the Miura fold in researching, and thought it would be a great challenge to test on an architectural scale. This fold is able to completely collapse flat, and it reminded me of the nature of shop awnings that give vendors a little bit of the street to be theirs. The awnings also allow them to control sunlight onto their main windows, and also able to protect from the rain. With this main concept in mind, I was determined to design a flexible, adaptable, and dynamic market space, that could change for sunlight amounts, people volume, and ventilation.

Working model photos
Fabric covering model
Massing model testing
Plan of closed market
Plan of open market
Section of open market
Section of closed market
Folding form exploration detail 

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