The Vertical Kitchen

This brief placed itself in a tangible urban future of travelling and commuting without cars. Here, the function for large parking garages has been made redundant and are looking for new purpose. Also within this futuristic setting, the need for localised food is heightened because of environmental and economical impacts. With ongoing research of vertical farming, we were asked to transform these unused concrete car parks into highly functional farms to produce fruits and vegetables to the local community while subtracting import costs and carbon footprint. The brief also requests a public function to couple with the produce of the farm. In our group, we looked into Glasgow current affairs to investigate prominent issues we could tackle. It was evident that homelessness is still a major problem, people having no where to go. So, we decided to design a building that the could use as a ‘hub’, a place to recharge, have a shower, some food, and maybe somewhere to read a book.

Facade Panel
Section model // exhibition piece
Model Photos
Exploded Planning // Isometric

5th: Solar energy collection

       Rain water collection

       Natural Water Filtration




4th: Warmest plants 






3rd: Moderate plants

       (Broccoli, Garlic, Kale)





2ed: Sunlight plants


       Reflection & Reading









1st: Soup kitchen & Dining

       Workshop space



G: Toilets & showers   

      Washing machines


      Plant room

Facade layering and technical drawings

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