A Woven Sanctuary

    Forming space around people means you are shaping an atmosphere and feeling for the user. The way light, space, pattern, and form can be manipulated, gives opportunity to form a space of healing. Through the use of timber construction we were asked to design a safe sanctuary space, where people can heal and grow. Exploring timber and its qualities of warmth and nature, I was able to extend these aspects throughout the building by using timber as the natural aesthetic. 

    I achieved this by creating a woven timber façade that represents the idea of people coming together to create a warm and welcoming space. Within the façade, window shutters are hidden and can be pulled across all bedroom windows, giving the building a life of its own, projecting the feelings of the users through the skin of the building. The woven timber also acts as a sunlight filter, providing sensitivity and a further sense of life to eminate from the facade. The physical form of the building came initially from connecting the typography; the height of the tall trees down to the river. But it actually functions very well in respect to a wellness centre, as on approach it doesn’t seem too tall or daunting. Its short entrance height feels safe. Once inside, the building’s volume opens gradually as you move through it. This in turn represents a big part of healing process; opening up to people and letting them in. This is where the design of the form and its façade work in harmony to portray the buildings architectural function.

Model photo // light through the facade
Exploded Axonometric 
Model photos
Exploded CLT panels isometric 

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